At JazzyMedia, we are passionate about reading and literacy, which is why we are delighted to work with a number of publishers to promote and encourage reading both at school and at home. With literacy skills amongst children improving, we believe that it is important to further encourage and help instil a love of reading.


When we spoke to 7-11 year olds on the subject we found that:


Jazzy Star bulletReading: 87% like to read outside of school.

Jazzy Star bulletFrequency: 85% read 2-3 times a week.

Jazzy Star bulletDigital: 34% enjoy reading via an interactive format (i.e. iPad, Kindle, tablet).

Jazzy Star bulletIndependence: 78% are happy to read on their own.


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Literacy skill: 2014 statistics

According to the latest National Curriculum Assessments in England for Key Stage 2 pupils released in August 2014, literacy skills amongst children are improving. Results show that reading and grammar, punctuation and spelling tests have seen the greatest increases in attainment from 2013; an increase of 3 percentage points at level 4 or above and 5 percentage points at level 5 or above.


In writing, attainment increased by 2 percentage points at level 4 or above and 3 percentage points at level 5 or above. The percentage of pupils making expected progress also increased by 3 percentage points to 91% in reading and by 1 percentage point to 93% in writing.


Girls continue to outperform boys in the grammar, punctuation and spelling test with 81% of girls achieving level 4 or above compared to 72% of boys. Girls also outperformed boys at level 5 or above with 58% of girls achieving level 5 or above compared to 46% of boys.  In 2014, girls performed better than boys in achieving level 4 or above in teacher assessments for all subjects, the gap being widest in the writing teacher assessment where 81% of boys achieved level 4 or above compared to 90% of girls. Only 91% of boys make expected progress in writing compared to 94% of girls


Statistics: August 2014
For full statistics and more information visit the Department for Education website.