Project Description

  • CITB construction poster

We are pleased with the campaigns delivered through JazzyMedia to 14-19 year olds. Promoting the construction industry as a positive careers option for young people is a key message for CITB and through Jazzymedia we have been able to communicate directly to our target audience of students.
Emma Collen, Marketing Manager for CITB
This is a positive campaign for our students! It provides a positive feel amongst the students as it confirms that work is coming to our area. It is also inspiring them to consider a career in the construction field when they discuss or think about careers.
Teacher, Hartsdown Academy
The poster is nice and bright and I’ve seen many students stop and read it as they walk by. The students really like the bookmarks too!
Teacher, The Magna Carta School
Our students in years 11 and 12 were particularly interested in this campaign.
Teacher, De Aston School

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Secondary school pupils aged 11-16 and sixth form students aged 16-19.


To deliver a programme of activity to raise awareness of apprenticeships and careers in construction.


A0 and 6-sheet posters displayed in communcal areas in secondary schools and sixth forms, combined with the direct distribution of bookmarks to Key Stage 4 students aged 14-16 years.


Reach: 70,630 (11-16 year olds)
Handout reach: 49,380 (14-16 year olds)