Project Description

“Advertising universities in sixth forms is a great idea, particularly on results day. If I hadn’t been accepted already I’d certainly appreciate the support that Plymouth University are providing.”
Teacher, A Level student, Torquay Boys Grammar School
“It was really useful to have the Brunel University Clearing information at school, I did not receive the grades that I needed so it has helped me to know what I can do to get into another university.”
Teacher, A Level student, Bishophault School
“Today is such a tough day for these students with them convinced that this is the end of the world if they don’t get the grades – support like this from Keele University, goes along way and this is  a great way to reach them and give them something to take away when things don’t go quite to plan.”
Teacher, Head of Sixth Form, Baverstock Academy
“The University of Gloucestershire banners have highlighted available courses close to home for our students and it also provides options for students if a place is not confirmed and sign posts other courses available.”

Teacher, A Level student, Rednock School


Students aged 16-19


To reach A Level students on results day and to make them aware of the Clearing options available to them.


Each campaign was delivered exclusively within the universities selected establishments, with no other university present within the same school. Universities were able to reach their key target audience and ensure that they had all the information they needed to navigate their way through Clearing whether because they did not receive the preferred grades or were looking to apply for an alternate course. The ‘on the day’ campaigns also ensured that the universities were top of mind amongst students.