Project Description

We intend to use the books as part of our Health and Safety week. These books will be an integral part of the teaching of road safety, and I plan to hold a competition for the best ‘completed book’.
Teacher, Somerville Primary School
I love the games and facts. It lets us learn that safety comes first. Thank you Squizzes!
Pupil, Lordship Lane Primary School
Your games are totally awesome and I love the Tales of Road video!
Pupil, Malvins Close Primary School

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Primary school children aged 7-11 years (Key Stage 2).


To educate children about the importance of road safety.


'Tales of the Road' school books were distributed to over half a million children nationwide with additional digital content (educational games, videos and facts) featured on primary website Squizzes, as well as a road safety competition.


Reach: 680,000 7-11 year olds
Research: 96% of pupils said they were more careful about crossing the road after they read the 'Tales of the Road'.