Project Description

It’s a really good poster and its adult format really suits our sixth formers. The students are talking about the HPV Vaccine already.
Teacher, The Holy Family Catholic Technology College
We like the cervical cancer awareness poster, particularly as we think it is important that we promote health and wellbeing issues and students find it difficault to find out where and how to get the jab. I would definitely encourage health related posters.
Teacher, Woodhouse College
It was very clear and informative with helpful links and answers. This is the kind of issue that you worry about but don’t know how to look into but this leaflet answered that problem.
Student, 17 years old
The poster is very eye catching, great use of graphics to draw the attention. The information is clear and easy to read, so I now feel I know all I need to know about protecting myself and what the causes etc are.
Student, 17 years old



Reaching students (predominantly girls) aged 16-19 years.


For the past 6 years we have been providing female pupils with up to date, essential information on protecting against cervical cancer, the HPV Vaccine and the importance of three doses.


6-sheet posters were displayed in targeted school sixth forms, colleges and FE colleges. These were supported in school sixth forms with informative leaflets distributed directly to students.


Poster Impacts: 8,489,340
Poster Reach: 47,163
Leaflet Reach: 6,440
Our research showed that:

  • 78% of female students felt better informed about protecting themselves against cervical cancer following the campaign.