Project Description

  • lego city and greater manchester fire and rescue service fire safety squizzes spotlight
  • Infant School handing out lego city fire activity sheets
  • lego city fire safety screenshot

LEGO CITY connects with children looking to build and role-play scenes based one very day recognisable sights and people. The fire safety activity sheets for schools have been developed in order to reach young children in a responsible and innovative fashion.
Harry Harrison, LEGO CITY Brand Manager
We’re always looking for innovative ways to reach young children and help spread the message of fire safety. This partnership is a fantastic example of that.
Councillor David Acton, Chair of Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Authority
The school always enjoys receiving activity sheets and the children always get really involved, this was no exception.
Teacher, Great Staughton Primary School



Primary school aged 4 - 7 years (Key Stage 1) and their parents.


LEGO CITY, in partnership with Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service, wanted to help young children learn about safety in a fun and engaging manner.


A4 activity sheets with a nationwide fire safety competition and digital content on


Reach: 48,260 pupils