Project Description

Our parents are likely to redeem this voucher because they want to try the Little Dish chilled meals and see if their children like them. Little Dish appeals to our parents because the meals are made of natural ingredients.
Teacher, Stepping Stones
The parents seemed very interested in the handouts. Hopefully they will all make good use of them.
Teacher, The Bees Knees Day Nursery
We have given out the leaflets and have already had a couple of parents try it and really liked it.
Teacher, Squirrels Nursery Ltd
Little Dish appeals to our parents because they can pick the meals up easily at local supermarkets and they are ready to give to children and are healthy. Our nursery promotes healthy eating.
Teacher, All Saints CE Primary School


Pre-school parents.


To raise awareness of the Little Dish range of products to parents of pre-school children. Encouraging and promoting trial of Little Dish by offering a complimentary meal voucher, while also supporting deeper engagement through fun activities for children and their parents.


The use of A2 posters displayed in nurseries and A5 leaflets with complimentary Little Dish voucher distributed.


Increased awareness among target market.

  • Poster Impacts: 145,600
  • Handout Reach: 15,618
  • 6.6% Coupon Redemption Rate