Project Description

  • National Citizen Service poster in college
  • National citizen service poster in college
  • National Citizen Service poster in college

The poster has come at an ideal time since we are Champion School of the NCS and are currently ‘recruiting’ for the summer session.
Teacher, Woodhouse College
There were lots of questions about who were National Citizen Service!! So we told them they should Google it to find out more! !
Teacher, Robert Smyth Academy
We like the poster – it grabs your attention.
Student, Shrewsbury Sixth Form College



Sixth form and college students aged 16-19.


Campaigns were run in 2013 and 2014 to raise awareness of the NCS initiative amongst 16-19's.


6-sheet posters displayed in high footfall areas in school sixth forms, colleges and FE colleges nationwide.


Poster Impacts: 13 million
Poster Reach: 217,000