Project Description

“The year 9 pupils are now choosing what they will be doing next year and the year 10 students will shortly be going on work experience. The BTEC posters have inspired them when they are thinking of their future options.”
Teacher, Small Heath School
“The Pearson BTEC posters have helped our students that are currently deciding on whether they should pursue courses in this qualification, by giving them more information.”
Teacher, Kirkby College
“The BTEC posters were useful to our students, the school careers lady put it up in her room and spoke to the students about it. It will definitely help our students to know more about what other courses they can do to further their education.”
Teacher, St Paul’s RC High School






Secondary school pupils aged 11-16 years old.



To boost awareness of the Pearson Education BTEC courses and inform students of further education options in their chosen field.


A0 posters displayed in communal areas in secondary schools nationwide reaching students aged 11-16.


Increased awareness among target market.

  • Student Reach: 383,595
  • Poster Impacts: 21 million