Project Description

“Our students will read the books! They often stick to the same types of book and being shown something new helps introduce them to genres they might not have considered otherwise.”
Teacher, Southfield School for Girls
“These were very popular when we handed them out! The pupils seemed very keen – on the books or the authors, we don’t know. We kept some to hand out in our library when relevant books are checked out.”
Teacher, Llanishen High School
“Thanks for the bookmarks! The kids really love them and are looking forward to reading the book. They weren’t already familiar with the series but they are going to give it a try! They love a new book over the winter months.”

Teacher, Walbottle Campus







Secondary school pupils aged 11-14 years old.



To promote the new books in the Magisterium series, The Iron Trial and The Copper Gauntlet, to KS3 pupils in secondary schools.


Bookmarks distributed directly to 11-14 year olds in secondary schools nationwide.


Increased awareness among target market.

  • Handout Reach : 27,660