Project Description

It is really inspiring for young people to see such a fantastic and positive poster on results day. We have a number of students who will have to go through clearing this year, so to have this information made available on results day is just so invaluable. It is also great to build awareness of Southampton Solent University amongst the Year 12’s, before they apply to UCAS in the autumn. We love the support we receive from JazzyMedia and their university clients.
Student Study Advisor, Cleeve Park School
It’s a great idea and really helps the students with making the right decisions. Southampton Solent University is a fabulous campaign, the right time, the right place and gives great support to students in a time of need.
Teacher, Francis Coombe Academy
The poster and leaflet are a great idea. It is a really useful to have this information up in school on results day. It makes you feel like you still have options, even if you don’t get the grades you were hoping for.
Student, A Level Student
I think the poster is a really good idea. I like the look of Southampton Solent University. I will have to find out more information!
Student, AS Level Student



Students aged 16-19 years.


To help make students aware of the opportunities available at Southampton Solent University; raising both academic aspirations and personal levels of confidence on results day.


Pop-up roller banners and the direct distribution of A5 information leaflets.


A targeted activity in school sixth forms on A Level results day. Through our campaigns, university clients enjoy increased open day attendance, improved engagement and increased applications.